ROSA ET AL TOWNHOUSE is a shining beacon in the Bombarda district. This once-seedy neighborhood has welcomed the creative, well heeled and young entrepreneurs in equal measure. To capture the artistic and collaborative spirit alive here, Rosa Et Al has turned to the district’s residents to create what is a monumentally inspired, brazen, and energetic focal point. This authentic neighborhood hotel introduces you to the people and stories that make Miguel Bombarda area so vibrant at every step, including photographs and illustrations by local artists, curated art pieces by local galleries as well as restaurants and cafes where you can taste and drink a little of Portugal. 
The hotel lives in a building once known as the Livraria Civilizacao that was built in the XVIII century. The building and the neighborhood have always been full of life. Cedofeita is well known for its local and traditional commerce. Yet, you will be surprised to find out that side by side you will have the most familiar shops and some of the most creative ones. After all the art spot, Miguel Bombarda Street, is just around the corner. 
Art and illustration galleries, Portuguese crafts and designers are neighbors. Walk around and you will not be disappointed. 1st August 2012 is the oficial date. ROSA ET AL TOUNHOUSE opened it’s door to the public. Time passed by and a lot has happened but Emanuel and Patricia de Sousa still remembered how everything began. It seems that was just yesterday but the past three years have been a mix of success and friendship. 

leia a entrevista com Emanuel de Sousa

What would you describe to be the spirit or essence of ROSA ET AL TOWNHOUSE and your philosophy?  
EMANUEL ROSA ET AL is a doorway as much as a house, a place you can call home, a refuge for those who are looking for inspiration. The spirit is about being open, open-minded, inclusive, welcoming, fresh thinking, alternative and thinking out of the box. It is integrity, fun, dynamism and imagination. Of course that creativity is quite relevant.EMANUEL ROSA ET AL is a doorway as much as a house, a place you can call home, a refuge for those who are looking for inspiration. The spirit is about being open, open-minded, inclusive, welcoming, fresh thinking, alternative and thinking out of the box. It is integrity, fun, dynamism and imagination. Of course that creativity is quite relevant.  
What was your inspiration to start a small boutique hotel?  
Exactly, when and how did the idea for ROSA ET AL came up? 
 EMANUEL We were always travellers, first with our folks in the 80s and 90s in well-known brand hotels and resorts around the world, and then by ourselves or with friends to smaller and independent hotels with a signature. Hospitality became a part of our life style, firstly when receiving friends in Portugal and when we were living abroad, and then in a professional setting at ROSA ET AL TOWNHOUSE, as the perfect inaugural project in Porto for our larger hospitality project, BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION.
Why have you chosen Porto for this venture?  
EMANUEL We always lived in Porto, not exactly in the city, we lived with our folks 20 km south of Porto, but with college and university Porto became our city. Porto has the perfect mix of things, river and sea, history and contemporary, city and nature, culture and beach, gastronomy and wines. It is a vibrant city, highly creative, with loads of historical background but still on the verge of what is new and hip in Portugal and Europe.  
What makes ROSA ET AL TOWNHOUSE Suites so special?  
EMANUEL The first thing is that we are not very visible from the outside, we look just like a traditional townhouse in Porto. Porto Suites is in a very different niche, based on exclusive tailor-made services ranging from a luxurious in-room spa to private city tours. Above all, it is very relaxed and offers a feeling of being at home. It’s not like you’re staying in a hotel. We try to establish from the beginning through an exchange what our guests’aims are for their holiday in Porto. From that point onwards, we offer a totally tailor-made experience. 
It all depends on the guests’ wishes. Not all establish this prior email-based exchange, but most do. It’s interesting to discover what certain guests want to discover on their holidays prior to their arrival or during their stay when we have time to share with them some thoughts on the best ways to enjoy the townhouse, the neighborhood and finally the city of Porto and the wider region of northern Portugal.  
Your townhouse is a really quiet, calm and relaxing place.. 
EMANUEL Indeed, that is the motto of the house. Once you cross our door, we give you a world of calm and slowness. Calming your mind and body from the hectic world. Of course, we live surrounded by technology and it is (or it seems) impossible to actually disconnect, but we are good at creating that illusion and for that reason creating memorable times and experiences for our in-house guests.  
We do believe that slowing and calming our daily life is the ultimate luxury. Like the building it is stripped to its essentials, so all the clutter was taken away to give attention to details, in architectural terms but also in the relation with other people, namely with our guests and among our guests.  
What does it mean ROSA ET AL for you?  
EMANUEL It is more than an architectural project. It reflects part of my lifestyle and part of Patricia's lifestyle. So it is part of our life as brothers and friends.  
Several awards.
Presence on the exhibition “Quiet is the new loud”.
What was the role of Rosa Et Al in all these events and what does it mean for you?  
EMANUEL The awards and this particular exhibition you mention recognized excellency in architectural practice in terms of strategy, design, execution to its final function. The overall theme of 'Quiet is the new loud' was an 'umbrella' to gather a series of projects by Portuguese architects that were designing and building off-radar, in an unpretentious way, with brilliant results, usually applying local knowledge, traditions and materials to new contemporary forms and structures. In a way, being loud while being almost silent, which is also a sort of a motto of the Architectural School of Porto, with its attention to the notion of place and detail.  
What can you tell us about this project?  
EMANUEL The seventh suite, Garden Pavilion, completes ROSA ET AL TOWNHOUSE hospitality project for now. We have opened an apartment within the UNESCO HERITAGE limit, near Praça da Batalha and we are developing a new one, which are additions to our BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION overall project for Porto, in terms of accommodations structures.  
There are also some food-wise projects we are developing presently, as ROSA also became locally known for its brunch culture. Then, there is a series of international projects that we are developing in other cities, but that’s a long-term plan for the future. More news soon.  

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