"– Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."
At ROSA ET AL Townhouse, we are keen on developing meaningful relations and help build our community.

Our mission is to be a welcoming, comforting presence in every community we serve and help to build, through the range of networks we initiate and strengthen every day. In getting people together and enjoying each other’s company, one believes one can weave a fabric of positive relations stretching from our house into the world.

We believe in working with people that have the same mission and values as we do. We work with local producers, creators and artists to bring the best product to our guests and at the same time, help strengthen our community. Every day, we choose quality over price.
ROSA ET AL Townhouse has joined forces with João – sharing similar philosophies where food and business relationships are concerned.
João speaks with the type of natural wisdom that seems to come with being a farmer – he feels a profound connection to his environment, one many of us have lost due to our increasingly urban mentalities. His perception of the world is one that evolved gradually, and with every moment spent tending to his shiitake mushrooms, it develops into something deeper. Having spent many a childhood holiday on the farm, João learned what it means to live in harmony with nature at an early age. And now that he can officially call himself a farmer, he appreciates the hard work and satisfying yield that goes into this profession more so than ever.
Always having turned to nature and the many beneficial properties found within for his own health, João decided to breathe new life into his grandfather’s old farm by dedicating two large green-houses to shiitake mushrooms. Although his family leased part of the land to a local farmer to grow corn and grapes on, they were never actually into the farming life themselves. After completing an agricultural course, João immediately got down to business and has now established himself as his region’s top shiitake farmer. His client relationships are like friendships more than they do working-relationships – because that is just the kind of guy João is.
Gianpierro and ROSA ET AL Townhouse share the same principles when it comes to their business attitude: they both offer an experience for the senses and are eager to find new and original ways to cater to different tastes and expectations.
Gianpierro and his partners-in-coffee Rui and Frederico, have all spent time in different corners of the world, absorbing local culture – particularly coffee culture. Rui, who was working in Germany at the time, was taken by artisan coffee brands and shops slowly sweeping the nation one damn fine sip at a time. In Portugal, where coffee tends to come in the form of Robusta, these notes and flavors were unknown for the most part – and that was something Gianpierro and his friends wanted to change.
Gianpierro and his partners developed a hands-on approach to selling their coffee by teaching proprietors the basics of brewing the specialty beans through workshops. This allowed Gianpierro and his partners to establish personal relationships with their clients, and to spark the same enthusiasm in them when it comes to learning about and perfecting the art of, artisan coffee brewing. Thanks to Gianpierro, ROSA ET AL Townhouse spoils guests with the finest specialty beans, bringing a new blend of coffee culture to Porto – it truly is a win-win situation.
We are always looking for passionate and innovative people to work with. We strive to create partnerships that bring value to our community and extraordinary travel experiences.
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